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Annual Chimney Video Inspection in Huntington Station New York

Huntington Station Chimney Inspection

Chimney inspection services are likely to be beneficial if you don’t use your chimney very often. An inspection of a chimney is intended to identify any safety hazards or changes that need to be made to it to ensure its longevity and durability. It is important to have an annual chimney inspection even if you do not use your chimney, as it can accumulate harmful particles inside it that you probably do not want coming in contact with your home.

Signs of Chimney Problems in Homes & Commercial Properties

Exterior Chimney and Roof Inspection

The chimney inspectors at Mr. Chimney Sweep NY are capable of inspecting your entire chimney and the condition of your chimney on both the exterior and interior of your home. This inspection is essentially the best chimney inspection Huntington Station NY and also has the best video inspection for potential masonry repair Huntington Station NY. We conduct this method of work because we know that your chimney needs to be in condition to ensure the durability and the sustainability of your chimney, and therefore, your home. Also, the exterior and roof portion of your chimney is typically susceptible to lots of damages or degradation from the elements.

Chimney Interior Inspection

We at Mr. Chimney Sweep NY would be happy to inspect the inside of your chimney if you so desire. For more than a decade, we have built, repaired, and restored chimneys, so we have access to special tools and video equipment to offer you accurate and transparent insight into your chimney structure condition. In addition, you might find it helpful to know that your chimney is fully functioning and ready for use after our inspection. Other times, our inspection may reveal the need for chimney repairs or other chimney services, such as chimney liner installation Huntington Station NY.

No-Obligation Consultation

A professional inspection by our experts can also include a no-obligation consultation as well as an estimate for any potential projects and costs. If, for example, we determine that the exterior of your chimney exterior is in good shape, but the interior is unsafe, we can offer either a deep cleaning and chimney sweep or a chimney clean plus a chimney close-off service. Depending on your circumstances, closing off your chimney and rendering it non-functional may be the best option.

Honest and Transparent Workers

Here at Mr. Chimney Sweep NY, we have been working in the chimney cleaning and chimney industry for a number of years and have gained a lot of knowledge. As well as being trained with the latest service methods, our team is also regularly updated on the latest chimney camera inspections. We have these elements, and many more, that make us the chimney expert of choice! Moreover, we make sure we stay updated on the latest research because we know there is lots of nuanced information regarding the safety of having a gas fireplace in the home.

Chimney Inspection FAQs

In most cases, regular chimney inspections cost $300 to $600, or $450 on average. The cost of a standard visual inspection of an undamaged chimney with one flue begins at around $100. There may be structural damage to the chimney that is hard to discern without tearing down walls, which can cost $5,000 or more.

A Level 1 Chimney Inspection includes a visual inspection of the fireplace and chimney without the use of special equipment. With a flashlight, the chimney sweep inspects the chimney for damage, obstructions, creosote buildup, and soot buildup, and tells you whether it needs to be cleaned.

According to the National Fire Protection Association 211 Standard, chimneys, fireplaces, and vents are to be inspected at least once a year for soundness, deposits, and clearances.

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Professional Services For
Residential and Commercial Chimney Repair in Huntington Station, New York

Over the years, we’ve developed our team of technicians and business services to satisfy all your needs. As part of our commitment to offering these services, we also recognize we need to pay close attention and devote ourselves fully to each customer.

The goal of our team is to offer you friendly, trustworthy service. In the event you need a chimney blockage removal service or insurance estimate, we are a reliable, affordable company. We are far different from other companies in terms of our team, competitively priced, and outstanding services.

Chimney Sweep in Huntington Station New York

Improve your home’s air quality and prevent hazards caused by soot buildup and obstructions by scheduling annual chimney cleanings.

Annual Chimney Inspection in Huntington Station New York

Chimneys used for wood or oil burning need to be inspected every year. Our inspectors will look for violations related to oil and gas during annual inspections.

Chimney Rebuilds in Huntington Station New York

Among our repair services is filling cracks and restoring the functionality of chimneys. Any chimney can be serviced by us, regardless of condition.

Cap Crown Repair in Huntington Station New York

Chimney caps are stainless steel caps that prevent dirt, water damage, animal nests, leaves, or other debris from entering your chimney.

Chimney Crown Installations in Huntington Station New York

The use of a chimney liner is crucial whether you burn solids, oil, or gas in your chimney flue. The liner keeps combustible materials away from your exposed brick and stone.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Huntington Station New York

It’s easy to forget your dryer vents, but regular cleaning is an important part of maintaining a clean, safe home for your entire family.

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